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We are committed to creating positive social change, not just for Australia, but the world, and every living animal on it.

Our Story

Dinki Co was born out of wanting to create a better business. One that is socially and ethically conscious of its impact on the world and contributes positively to society, driving change for the better. 

At Dinki Co we want to influence our customers make informed choices that positively impact society as a whole, but we recognise that it also starts with us, here at Dinki.

That's why when you buy from Dinki Co, you'll find that nothing is tested on animals, everything is recyclable,  10 cents from every can sold goes to Australian wildlife charities, we are 100% Aussie made and owned as well as 10¢ per can sold goes towards local Australian wildlife charities.

We are focused on making responsible decisions and leading the way as a retailer, with considered business choices and ethical practices.

Join us on our journey towards a brighter future, for everyone.

Dinki Co Koala Farts
Dinki Co Koala Farts Eucalyptus Spray

Dinki Co Bush Buds initiative

We believe in supporting the little guys, the cockatoos, the koalas, the roos - even the bush rats, all the way down to the native creepy crawlies.

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