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Cleaning with Koala Farts

Koala Farts Eucalyptus Spray is a powerhouse to have around: A multipurpose spray, it is perfect to have around the home - not only does eucalyptus possess antibacterial qualities, but it smells great too, is natural and cruelty free! Kill germs, clean your house and get rid of the bacteria that causes bad smells, all with Koala Farts.

Here are some clever hacks and shortcuts that will have your home sparkling in no time:

Clean surfaces: Give your bench tops a spray in the kitchen and bathroom and other hard surfaces to clean and freshen.

Koala Farts Eucalyptus Spray is great in the kitchen Cleaning surfaces
Some kitchen goals here

Deodorise: Spray Koala Farts in rubbish bins, toilets and on soft surfaces like mattresses and fabric furnishings to get rid of bad smells. Simply hold can 15-20cm from surface and spray!

Room freshener: Is your room a bit stuffy? Did you let one go and need to cover up your tracks? Don’t worry, we got you boo! Spray Koala Farts around the air and it will instantly deodorise and freshen - the perfect crime! (Please avoid your food though, it isn’t to be consumed!)

Koala Farts freshening clothes
Freshly scented with Koala Farts

Spots & stains: Say goodbye to grease marks and stains on clothes, carpets and fabric! Spray Koala Farts on the stained area, ensuring you have something underneath the absorb the runoff, and wipe with clean with a gentle brushing towards the centre of the stain using a clean cloth. (Please spot test on an inconspicuous area - some fabrics are super testy!)

Laundry pre-wash: Koala Farts is a great stain remover, all you have to do is spray the stained area, leave for a minute then throw it in the wash as normal. 

Bedding: We love using Koala Farts on our pillow and bedding at home, have a look at the video below now!

Koala Farts Freshens Pet Bedding
So cute, so stinky

Pet areas: Although we love Fido, our lil' guy stinks

up the joint sometimes, so use Koala Farts to freshen and deodorise your pooches beds and kitty’s litter!

Dinki's Koala Farts are super useful, why not give it a go at home today!



Koala Farts
Koala Farts: A multipurpose eucalyptus spray

Koala Farts Eucalyptus Spray 3 x 70g Bulk Pack by Dinki Co

Koala Farts Eucalyptus Spray 1 x 70g by Dinki Co

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