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  • What are the benefits of Eucalyptus?
    There are many benefits, including but not limited to: Cleaning & disinfecting surfaces Calming effects Anti-inflamatory Freshening rooms, cars, smelly shoes and towels Insect repellant Disinfect cuts and scrapes Clean stains on rugs, carpet and clothing (spot test first!) + so much more! Find out more on our blog
  • Are Dinki Co Products Recyclable?
    Yes, from the lid to the can the whole thing is fully recycable! So throw your empty cans of Koala Farts and Tipsy Koala into the recycling bin!
  • Are Dinki Co products Cruelty Free?
    Yes, they sure are. Tipsy Koala and Koala Farts are not tested on animals at all as well as vegan.
  • How do you support animals?
    We are cruelty free, vegan and not tested on animals, and the can and lid is 100% recycable, we also donate 10% of annual profits go towards helping our wildlife, find out more ⮕
Dinki Co Koala Farts and Tipsy Koala by Dinki Co
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