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The natural way to disinfect, use Koala Farts Eucalyptus Spray to send 99.9% of germs to Woop Woop, along with the bacteria that causes bad smells.


But this multipurpose spray does do much more than just that, read on below!

Koala Farts

koala farts is a multi-purpose powerhouse

This must have Eucalyptus spray is probably the most useful product you'll ever own. Below are just a handful of ways to use Koala Farts:

  • Cleaning & disinfecting surfaces in the kitchen & bathroom

  • Freshening rooms, cars, smelly shoes and damp towels

  • Clean stains on rugs, carpet and clothing (spot test first!)

  • and so much more!


Dinki Co Koala Farts
Image by Josefin

Useful Eucalyuptus

Iconic and beautiful, the eucalyptus is home for the koala, gliders, birds, bats and grubs. We get it, it's a cool tree, but there is more! Like did you know it contains natural anti-inflammatory properties? No? Well it DOES!

Gather close kids, because the Eucalyptus is about to blow your mind with just HOW useful it is...

Dinki Co Bush Buds initiative

We believe in supporting the little guys, the cockatoos, the koalas, the roos - even the bush rats, all the way down to the native creepy crawlies.

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