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Curious Critters: Koala

Koalas are one of Australia’s favourite cutie-pies, they are unashamedly Australian and we love them so much here at Dinki Co, we have created products based around the little critter.

Strap your selves in for some curious critter action! Here are our favourite lil' facts about the beloved Koala.

Cute joey koala in a tree with mum, dinki co Koala Farts
Heck that's a cute fur-ball

Koalas are born blind and earless

You heard that right, joeys - The term used for infants Koalas - climb to their mum’s pouch and hang out there until they are ready, cute ears and all. They use a strong scene of smell, touch and natural instinct to climb their way there.

Koalas are not bears, they are Marsupials!

The term ‘koala bear’ gets tossed around like a footy, but it's completely wrong! Yes, they are heckin' cute and have lil' round ears and big black nose, yeah i guess they look kinda "bear=like" but they actually share more characteristics with other marsupials like the wombat.

They are really really dumb

You know how we have all those lumps and bumps on our brains? That stuff actually means we are a bit smart... well our friend the Koala has a small brain relative to their body size and it's also smoother than Barry White.

Having a really small, super smooth brain means that they are realllllllly dumb and lack higher level recognition and understanding that many other animals have.

They are picky eaters

Koala sitting in a tree eating leaves, probably farting
Smooth brained koala, cute and stupid

The Koala only eats eucalyptus leaves, famously not ok for humans to digest (poison), they actually contain barely any nutritional value... but it's cool, this is why they sleep all day so that they don't waste any precious energy.

How picky are they?

You know how they are dumb? This is where it gets funny...if you gather a bunch of Eucalyptus leaves, plucked fresh off a tree and try put them in front of a koala during dinner time, koalas do not know what to do with them - they just sit there and gawk at it. Poor beautiful stupid fluff balls.

Koalas simply can not fathom a eucalyptus leaf that isn't on a tree, which is fine, as in the wild I suppose you don't want to eat leaves that ain't fresh! But sucks that they can't go to a restaurant. They DO eat leaves off broken branches though!

ummm....Koala joeys eat poop

Baby koalas cannot digest fresh eucalyptus leaves like adults can. Yes, they do hang out in the pouch and have a drink of milk, but when they get big they chill on mum's back... and need their parents to eat and digest leaves for them... which means a baby Koala eats poo. You heard it here folks!

Koala farts do not smell like cough drops

Koalas eat the leaves but they don't actually smell that great, unlike our Koala Farts Eucalyptus Spray. However they DO have glands that release a lovely slight eucalyptus scent with adult males smelling not too bad!

Koalas need our help, Sign the petition now>

CNN reports only40,000 to 100,000 koalas remaining after "uncontrolled habitat destruction, Koalas are now considered endangered, according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature's Red List of Threatened Species.

After bush fires, the illegal fur trade and destruction of their habitats, we are looking at the extinction of Koalas by 2050.

What sort of world do you want to live in? I know the one I want to live in has these cute critters, the world I want cares for the helpless, the underdog, the one that is so silly they can't eat pre-picked leaves.

Koalas make the world magical and yes - they are so stupid - but that just means they are even more special, contributing to the Aussie identity, what sort of Australia is it if there is no Koala? A shitty one. One that doesn't care about the little guy.


Dinki Co Bush Buddies

At Dinki Co, we believe in supporting the little guys, the cockatoos, the koalas, the roos - even the bush rats, all the way down to the native creepy crawlies.

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