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Southern Koala and Echidna Rescue Ltd

Southern Koala and Echidna Rescue Ltd (SKER) is a registered charity run by fully trained, professional carers and a team of passionate volunteers. They work closely with other rescuers, sanctuaries, CFS, specialist vets and government bodies in South Australia and nationally.

Mish Simpson, Director of SKER and her husband Wade recently purchased a 22-acre property in Southern Adelaide with the vision to transform part of the property into a state of the art, purpose-built Koala and Echidna Rehabilitation Centre.

The construction of the centre has commenced and the first of the sustainable Koala food “Tree” plantations has been planted. The Centre will include a triage area and hospital facilities, indoor and outdoor hospital wards, outdoor gunyah’s for koalas in long term care plus enclosures for echidnas and other native wildlife that come into care.

Plans for the centre include ecological self-sufficiency, powered by solar panels/batteries and with water supplies through rain capture and bore water. They are planning irrigation from the bore to tanks that will then feed the koala food tree plantations, those will be funded through grants.

The centre will expand our existing rehabilitation facilities meaning they can offer specialized care, community education and rescue services.

Koalas are facing an uphill battle for survival, with habitat becoming increasingly fragmented due to residential development and bushfires making food sources harder to find. Unfortunately, this means that they often fall victim to incidents with cars and trucks. That’s why Dinki Co is Donating 10% of annual profits to help stop this crisis and aid all animals in need.

Every time you purchase one of our product packs, you are contributing to the conservation of all of our native and endangered wildlife. Alternatively, you can also follow this link here to make a donation directly to SKER. All donations over $2 are tax deductible and appreciated greatly by all those who give their free time willingly to ensure the survival of these beautiful animals.

Story by Jye Gove

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